Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Sorrows of Young Werther Letters July 30- September 10

Lotte's fiance predictably shows up, as fiances have a tendency of doing. He's a likable bloke named Albert who Werther admits isn't a bad guy and who seems to like him. Werther can't stand to see them together, but can't really find anything bad to say about Albert, who he really finds himself liking. Werther considers leaving but finally decides he'd rather be a permanent third wheel and spends almost every evening hanging out with the couple.Werther borrows Albert's hunting pistols and HAHA! pretends to shoot himself in the head. Albert is understandably horrified and they have a discussion about the acceptability of suicide. Werther finds himself more and more miserable having to watch the happy couple together (akin to Facebook stalking a crush and their partner). Wilhelm urges him again to get a job. Lotte and Albert participate in some serious enabling behavior by presenting Werther with a ribbon from Lotte and a book that Werther wanted for his birthday. He is finally convinced he needs to accept the job that Wilhelm got him. Werther doesn't tell Lotte he is going away, but it doesn't matter because he collapses after their last meeting like a drama queen on realizing he won't be near his beloved any longer.

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