Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Sorrows of Young Werther Letters June 16- July 26

Werther is in love! So in love he can't even be bothered to sit and finish a letter before running off to see Lotte, daughter of the before mentioned bailiff. She is taking the place of her deceased mother and Werther first sees her tending a brood of siblings with chunks of bread. They share a similar taste in literature and can dance well together so behold! she must be the girl for him. Unfortunately Lotte is already engaged, something Werther seems to brush aside in his passion for her. They end up hanging out a lot and Werther is convinced she must feel something for him, though there isn't much to suggest she feels anything for him to ever pull him out of friendzone. His friend Wilhelm isn't so keen on the idea of Werther being smitten with someone else's lady friend and tries to talk Werther into settling into a good job and maybe not being so moony over Lotte but Werther ignores him. HOW CAN HE THINK ABOUT A NORMAL JOB WHEN SOMEONE PERFECT AND ANGEL LIKE LIKE LOTTE IS AROUND?

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