Monday, October 8, 2012

The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The book that caused countless young romantics across Europe to kill themselves when they couldn't get their way. The story of lovelorn Werther, a delicate artist who falls passionately in love with Lotte, a woman engaged to another and who may just not be as into Werther as he'd wish. What is there for a young man to do but bewail his fate before offing himself?

Letters from May 4-May 30

Ah yes, Werther has gone out to the country, something he's even more delighted about since he has ditched a bothersome young woman who seemed smitten with him. You know what they say about karma, Werther... He writes his friend Wilhelm of how enchanting he finds the country folk and begs him not to send his books. Werther's had enough intellectual pursuits. Now is time to relax and do his art, something he doesn't seem to do too much of actually. He meets the bailiff and hears that his daughter is highly praised. He throws a bit of emo foreshadowing in, commenting how those who are really happy are those who are ignorant to the injustice of the world. He meets more charming rustic folk and a young man who is in love with his widowed land lady, something Werther finds poetic and whatnot.

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